Oh My Berries!

Roughly last year I decided to blog here in WordPress, I planned to post novels I’d make but sadly, it just remained a plan. I feel that I must first mold myself before really starting a novel or even a chapter, rather. And that, even though I believe that it’s innate in me to be a poet, I thought that I should create more poems to post. But at times, great things aren’t rushed, that is why my blog wasn’t updated until now. Yes, it took me almost a year before I created my first post.

It’s amazing how a lot of things can happen in just a day and what more in a year. This blog will serve as my outlet for the things I want to share for the past year and for the years to come. It will be a witness to my experiences, my ideas, my endeavors, just about anything I would be glad to share, and of course my berry-flavored dreams!

I thank you readers in advance and I hope you have a berry great day! 😀


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