The Weary Fighter

The Weary Fighter

A poem.

The days end so quickly,

But the night end so slowly,

Never have I thought that it would cut through me…

This borderline anxiety.

And yet, the candle still shines.

Hope strikes me through the lines.

Difficult and such a train-wreck life can be…

But nothing can surpass the innate spirit in me!

I made this poem at the ticking days of my senior year in high school. I was very afraid to go to college, and the funny thing about it was that I was acting like a person with androphobia (morbid fear of men). I was in an exclusive all girls academy for four year and in the first place, I chose to be there. I didn’t like having boy classmates since they were immature, noisy, and a big pain for the teacher. So my adolescence was boy-free, I graduated high school without a friend who’s a boy. The result – I don’t know how to talk to them, how to mingle with them, etc., weird as it may sound, I felt like they are of another species, the only exception was my father, grandpa and other male relatives.

This short poem came into existence when I experienced the feeling of being in between, that feeling when  you never want time to end. I didn’t want my senior year to end, it was a hard year for me but it had the best thing I will always remember, that even how big any obstacle is, I am never alone, I never was, that this is a proof that my friends are gifts, shields and companions in every step of the way, be it a bumpy road or full of turns.

The last line of the poem is a reminder of optimism for me, I shouldn’t bring myself down for there is a spirit in me that is always alive.


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