Waves of the Sea

Waves of the Sea

A Poem

When I look at the waves of the sea,

I’ll wait for you endlessly.

And even though you can’t see me,

I’ll strike my hands to your heart into infinity…

I can’t deny you mighty presence,

it gives me some kind of sense…

I’ll follow you till the end of your sorrow,

Even though I won’t have any tomorrow.

When I was a freshman in college I would commute everyday to school, it was a one hour commute. I would listen to music or play games on my cellphone and sometimes i would just sleep. One night on my way home I made this poem thinking of my crush. Funny how the mood of the poem is of an unrequited love, the metaphor of the waves of the sea, and inevitable sadness in the last two lines, but the inspiration was nothing close to love. Maybe love for a friend, but not romantic love. And though my relationship with my crush only remained in a friendship level, whenever I read the poems I made because of him, somehow, it gives me happiness. That I made works of poetry & art from a little affection.


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