Travel the world with fun and fashion!

Travel the world with fun and fashion!

Travel the world with fun and fashion! by berryjudi featuring knot jewelry

€1.498 –

Viva Bordello stiletto heels
$75 –

Red Herring bowler bag
£20 –

Kenneth Jay Lane 18k jewelry
€72 –

Knot jewelry
£59 –

People Tree cherry necklace
£15 –

Marc jacobs fragrance
$45 –


Simple Love

Simple Love

Simple Love by berryjudi featuring pocket jeans

Helmut Lang top
$295 –

Pocket jeans
$35 –

Lace up booties
$50 –

Madewell leather shoulder bag
$168 –

Attitude – The Devil Wears Prada

Attitude - The Devil Wears Prada

Attitude – The Devil Wears Prada by berryjudi featuring high heel pumps

Burberry tweed coat
$2,995 –

7 For All Mankind super skinny jeans
$205 –

Christian Louboutin high heel pumps
$845 –

ZiGiny red pumps
$245 –

Yves saint laurent handbag
£495 –

Gladstone bag

Folli Follie crystal jewelry
$130 –

Miss Kita.

Miss ko kapag buong maghapon nasa kwarto mo ako, magkwekwentuhan lang tayo .

Miss ko kapag ang bilis ng oras magtatagal nyan ako sa inyo, aligaga pag uuwi nyan ako.

Miss ko yung masarap na puto gawa ng mama mo, kapag sa inyo talagang maaalala ko.

Miss ko kahit ako lang nagsasalita, ikaw naman todo magpatawa.

Miss ko yung tawa mo, dahil mapapatawa narin ako.

Miss ko yung paguusapan natin ang hinaharap, dahil pareho tayo ng pinapangarap.

Miss ko pag nasa tabi kita, at wala akong iniisip na iba.

Miss ko nung pareho tayo ng uniporme, yun ang panahon natin eh.

Miss ko nung pareho tayo ng crush, di nagpapahalata pag nag-blush.

Miss ko pag may problema ako, patatawanin mo ako.

Miss ko makita ka, kahit saglit ayos na.

Miss ko pag itatawid mo ako sa daan, kahit di naman ako masasagasaan.

Miss ko ang magkayap tayo, uy, pumapayat ako!

Miss ko pag makikinig ka sa mga gawa ko, isa ka sa mga taong nasa Wonderland ko.

Miss ko kahit bitin yung ginawa ko, magrereklamo ka, pero gusto mo.

Miss ko yung araw na nakilala kita, dahil, basta, miss kita!



Nostalgia by berryjudi featuring chanel fragrance

Chanel fragrance
£210 –

Love + Pink

Love + Pink

Love + Pink by berryjudi featuring leather mini bags

High heel booties
$220 –

Chanel leather mini bag

Lanvin necklace
£295 –

Miso bracelet
£9 –

Revlon eyeshadow
€16 –

$15 –

Chloé fragrance
$110 –

Monsoon lip treatment
£4 –

Shiseido gift sets kit
$80 –

A Small Pleasure

Lately I’ve been posting some of my work on polyvore, it’s because I’m getting busy now with school work, I don’t have much time to write but I don’t want this blog to be stale so fending it off with my fashion scribbles. It’s not that time-consuming and I’m actually having fun. I’ve learned to love blogging, it’s like a haven, a place where I say what my heart speaks. It is, in some way, a big pleasure to share things to others in a way I’m not used to (I admit, I’m still with blogging). With that being said, I’ll do my best to make time for this. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

A Small Pleasure

It was the night you said I was beautiful,

And I felt a tingling in my heart.

It was a joke, which your mouth is full,

I just hope the joke has sincerity in its part.


Moments with you dance in my mind,

Like its happening again and again.

I always thought you were one of a kind,

If you leave me, then don’t say when.


How cute that your name rhymes with baby,

That your sweetness is simply irresistible.

If it would have a flavor, maybe honey,

Silly me, I made you sound delectable.


In such small details that you see,

It affects me like a shot with a dart.

Its the only time you talk about me,

And its just a small pleasure in my heart.


I know I posted this already but I’ll just keep you tuned enough with my poems. 🙂

Girly Summer

Girly Summer

Girly Summer by berryjudi featuring a cutout dress

Cutout dress
£32 –

Cap sleeve bolero jacket
£14 –

Platform wedge heels
£23 –

Clay jewelry
$65 –

$96 –

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