Double Berry!

In my previous post I have shared that some of my poems are made before I finally meet nap time. Other than the fact that I can’t sleep, I blamed my brain for a being a culprit, stingy to make me yawn when it’s already bed time. College crush is also a culprit, I don’t know why but maybe I think of him more because I was staying in a dormitory and it’s a constant reminder of my school, and we’re classmates and I see him everyday except weekends, etc. Anyway, here are two poems I made in the same night:

Everyday Crush

Midnight and thinking of you before I sleep,

Sleep tight and you’re in my dreams.

Wake up and that dream is what I keep,

The day goes that’s just how it seems.

Lunch time and did you eat already?

My, do I think of you so much.

Just keep yourself healthy,

And smoking, stop doing such.

Afternoon and now I go to school,

I see the face that was on my mind.

He talks to me and I just act cool,

But inside, he’s the one I always find.

Dismissal and we’re separated,

Goodbyes are such sweet sorrow.

I go home and lay down in my bed,

Here we are again, I’ll think about you ’til tomorrow.

I feel like this poem is a “crush anthem”, it speaks about how we (or I) think about them. This poem is an evidence of how much I think of him back then. I always thought my feelings for him were petty even if it was already a year since he struck my innocent eyes. I never thought it was love, maybe “puppy love” but not love. For me it’s just overgrown attraction, he knows I have a crush on him but he’s just cool about it.  The problem with him is that you don’t know if he’s just joking or he’s really serious. Now, let my poem speak:

A Small Pleasure

It was the night you said I was beautiful,

And I felt a tingling in my heart.

It was a joke, which your is mouth is full,

I just hope the joke has sincerity in its part.

Moments with you dance in my mind,

Like its happening again and again.

I always thought you were one of a kind,

If you leave me then don’t say when.

How cute that your name rhymes with baby,

That your sweetness is simply irresistible.

If it would have a flavor, maybe honey,

Silly me, I made you sound delectable.

In such small details that you see,

It affects me like a shot with a dart.

It’s the only time you talk about me,

And it’s just a small pleasure in my heart.

P.S. count the number of times the word “crush” is used in this post. Done it? Good. I thought I used it a hundred times. Hehehe =)


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