Triple Berry!

Last night I posted “Double Berry!” in which I shared two poems, but now I take the notch up a bit by sharing three poems. Though I don’t recall making them back-to-back, what I do recall is submitting these pieces for the Literary Folio of our College Student Publication. Up until now I don’t know if these poems are part of the Literary Folio, but I hope to see it soon. I’m more excited to see it than my news article since I’m more of a feature writer. But when I see it (my article and the Literary Folio) I’m pretty sure my expression will be like that of a mother seeing her child after giving birth for the first time. Of course these are my babies! Hehe =) Now, on with the show!

You, The Truth & The Irony

As days go by, in my mind, your memories always fly.

Time goes so quickly, but its when I reminisce that I’m happy.

I know you can see, the one who admires you so much is me,

Then I just shout wee! And feel the irony, that we can never be.

Its the truth that hurts, but I just can’t go into bursts.

I wonder how she flirts, she and you did some firsts.

If I’ll be in her shoe, will you love me too?

I wonder how we’ll do, if it was me and you…

The poem speaks for itself, at the time I made this I was feeling quite insecure, my crush is dating someone else, someone I know. And sometimes I just ask why, sometimes I want to be happy for them, but I know this girl and I know what kind of girl she is. Anyway, the next are quite girly and far from the feel of this poem. But what I like about this poem is that I had fun doing it, and I guess that’s more important that minding two people that I shouldn’t mind with in the first place. A quote I really like and would want to live by is this: “Life is like a bicycle. In order to remain balanced, you have to keep moving forward”. Sometimes you want to escape the drama but to escape is not the solution, move forward, nd by moving forward I want to see the lighter things in life.

The Hopeless and The Loser

You’re such a loser and I’m so hopeless,

Your innate kindness leaves me careless.

I’m the one who watches your back,

Loving you is nothing I lack.

Everyday when I go to school,

I think of you and I’m such a fool.

God tell me I’m crazy,

I’m infested with the love bug frenzy.

My only question for this poem is that, Is it cheesy? I think the title could pass as a movie title though.

The More I Hate

I hate you,

So get off my head.

I don’t like the things you do.

So why does my face turn red.

The more I hate,

Then the more you laugh.

The more I think you’re great,

And once more you laugh.

Your laughs, what is behind those?

I admit, I’m curious.

For you make me blush like a rose,

That something in you is mysterious.

If you ever read this,

Don’t think that its you.

I’m a shy little miss,

And I’ve just fallen for you.

Whatever I do, I just love the last stanza of this poem. Ha! I used a pen name so none of my classmates would know. 🙂


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