Everyday Crush

Midnight and thinking of you before I sleep,

Sleep tight and you’re in my dreams.

Wake up and that dream is what I keep,

The day goes that’s just how it seems.


Lunch time and did you eat already?

My, do I think about you so much.

Just keep yourself healthy,

And smoking, stop doing such.


Afternoon and now I go to school,

I see the face that was on my mind.

He talks to me and I just act cool,

But inside, he’s the one I always find.


Dismissal and we’re separated,

Goodbyes are such sweet sorrow.

I go home and lay down in my bed,

Here we are again, I’ll think about you ’til tomorrow.

The poem speaks for itself, and yes, it was midnight and I was still thinking of him. Its funny and yet amazing how one person can revolve around your life. But it is you who decides what you want around you, whether they stay or go away.



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