Movie Maidens: Katniss Everdeen

Movie Maidens: Katniss Everdeen

Movie Maidens: Katniss Everdeen by berryjudi featuring leather flat shoes


A Love Letter

To my deepest and most loved desire,


I want you to know, that if I won’t have you today, then I will have you tomorrow. And if that can’t be, I’ll forever be in sorrow.

For your arms are my palace, I will never find any other place, that will give me much happiness from your embrace.

Everything I utter, I ask you to consider.

I will give a love so divine, if you could just be mine.

I will shower you with warmth that you will feel shelter, take care of you if you ever have a fever, throw away my temper, I respect you elders, won’t you choose me instead of her?

I am your lover, won’t yes be your answer?

I give you everything that’s true, so darling act now and stop making me blue. Tell me if I will wait for you, because I would absolutely do.

Nothing else could make me happy, than the thought of you and me.

Make my dreams come true, I want it to be reality when I hug you.

Can’t you see what you’ve done to me? I can’t get you off my mind, I can’t let it be.

If you say no, then I feel like I have lost to my biggest foe.

Don’t make me lose it all, and make my love take its biggest fall.


With fervent ardor, I end this letter,

Your admirer.

Movie Maidens: Hermione Granger

Movie Maidens: Hermione Granger

Movie Maidens: Hermione Granger by berryjudi featuring longs jewelry

V neck shirt

Lanvin pleated skirt
$1,405 –

Black shoes
$47 –

Wool scarve

Love Me Too?

I profess the affection I can’t hide anymore,

Love which you give bittersweet flavor.

Over the time which caused pain in my splendor.

Victory to me is such a huge favor.


Eager enough for your elusive reply,

Kind you are, but left me a sigh,

I realize I get nothing and just cry,

Rift away and off we fly.


Beautiful, like a always say.

You’re the reason I want to stay.

So I won’t leave when time comes may.

Oh please be my love, even just a day.


Make me forget you,

Useless, for I can’t do,

Cause this rips my heart in two,

Hey, why can’t you love me too?

Movie Maidens: Mia Wallace

Movie Maidens: Mia Wallace

Movie Maidens: Mia Wallace by berryjudi featuring white tops

Mexx blazer
$74 –

H&M high heel shoes
$24 –

Giorgio armani foundation

Giorgio Armani lip stick

Dear Diary #5

August 16, 2012

Dear Diary,

The past three days from Monday to Wednesday I’ve been busy (yet again) because I had quizzes.

It was Tuesday when something unexpectedly funny yet a little bit concerning happened. After 2 hours of answering (if I barely did) my Cost Accounting quiz, I’m pretty sure I flunked it. After I passed my paper, I went directly to the comfort room. I went to the last cubicle. I couldn’t help but cry. And it went on and on. I was thinking about a lot of things, what if I fail?, what will my mother do?, etc. , until I was already crying like a whale. I could hear the women entering and leaving the comfort room when…three girls (I’m not sure if they were more or less) suddenly slammed the door, they were noisy too and somehow weird-ed out or scared. I thought about it and maybe they looked at themselves, a la ‘I’m in a horror movie look’ and raced to the door. Haha! After all, I was crying at the last cubicle, maybe they didn’t think about checking and just scared themselves.

When I told what happened to my friend and roommate we both laughed. 😀

I think my next pen name in our student publication’s literary folio should be ‘moaning myrtle’.

Movie Maidens: Holly Golightly

Movie Maidens: Holly Golightly

Movie Maidens: Holly Golightly by berryjudi featuring long leather gloves

Dear Diary #4

August 12, 2012

Dear Diary,

So it’s afternoon already and I’m still bombarded with a lot to do. Okay, I procrastinated with my free days. That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to handle my time, it’s just that I really can’t focus on what to do. For the record, I have to review on Calculus, Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting, and I have to read our ‘‘Law On Obligations and Contracts’’ book.

While reading I just can’t stay put, I’m worrying again and spurring either random thoughts or just plain blabber.

I live in a land of narrow-minded fools, where such a folly is famous and prevailing. Not my family but, well…my classmates and schoolmates and those around me.  Maybe that’s why I want to graduate already, I can’t conform with them, aside from the fact that I am not with my true friends. Of course I have friends at school but they are nothing like my high school friends. I have little things in common with them in contrast with my two beloved high school and lifetime friends. I wonder why it’s so hard to form a friendship with those unlike you.

And my classmates, all of them dream of the same thing, I don’t. I have different plans, different goals, a different path. Just because we spend the day in the same room doesn’t mean the same for when we graduate. But most of all, I don’t have to fit in. It’s fine with me. That day will come when I’m finally walking on the road I should be.

So I was thinking about those things when I enter my sister’s room, she was watching Galaxy Angel on DVD.  I joined in because heck, I love anime and I miss those days when I can freely watch it without any worries in mind. My weekends are really like a day-off from work. I’m at my home. And Sunday only hurts when thoughts of Monday come along.

While watching Galaxy Angel, I suddenly remembered that the 5 main characters are different personalities yet, they seem to show a bit of care or connection at least. I wonder if that can really work in real life. I am not saying that I don’t love my college friends, it’s just that I’m not fully with them. I may be physically present in our “bonding times” but mentally, I want to be elsewhere. I know I’m a good friend to them, I help them in ways I can. Somehow I can’t tell them that I’m not happy with college life anymore, I don’t want to tell them anyway. I can’t share a lot of things to them. In fact, they know little about me. And it’s a reason I have learned to love blogging because in some way I know I am capable of sharing things. Maybe I can’t share everything to them, I just think that what’s important is that I’m still a friend to them.

Okay, enough blabber now. Back to work.

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