Dear Diary #3

August 4, 2012

Dear Diary, I’m alone at my dormitory. It’s almost 9pm and I came from my college department’s Mr. and Ms. JPIA pageant at the High School Campus of the university. It was mandatory so I had to attend. still, it was a chance to show off my leggings and new wedges :P, awesome clothes need exposure.

The program started late for an hour. It was good though a lot of students were not present even if it was declared mandatory. It was raining too but the show must go on. It was on the sports wear portion when a brownout interrupted. My friends took the opportunity to go home. I couldn’t come with them because I have to go home with my cousin, he on the other hand is at a team-building seminar. I went to my other classmates when suddenly everyone got off from their seats and it just went anarchic (not totally anarchic of course, the officers were trying to keep them in control). Then we heard some girls who shouted in chorus not to go out yet. Only the lights went back and they told us to go to our seats again. My pare (Filipino term for what I think is close to ‘Bro’,  yes, if I was a boy he’d be my best pal, sadly, I  was born a lesbian…just kidding :P), along with our other pals they came with such great timing. I asked if they drank beforehand because I could smell something from him. The student-president announced that the affair was cancelled, to which my pare reacted a bit rash (maybe he was drunk 😛 either that or he was very dismayed because they came in such a bad time). One of the faculty said that it was for our safety that we go home. The rain was still pouring when I was riding a tricycle to my dormitory. When I texted my friends they said that they saw something on fire when they were making their escape. Upon reaching outside, they saw the post lights are on, so the power interruption was only within the school.

I guess the officers should’ve checked everything first, but then again, what happened has already happened. Even though the pageant wasn’t perfect, it was the effort and preparation that was really, sadly, wasted. It just goes to show that no matter how much we plan, we can never tell until we are already there, we don’t know what will really come upon us. I just hope the officers and contestants aren’t much discouraged. Whether by circumstance or just plain chance, bad things do happen but doesn’t mean we can’t move on. Anyway, I’m just happy that I’m safe and so is everybody. What a shocker…well, back to life.

I’ll keep you posted Diary.


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