The True Meaning

All of us have our own way of defining love and everything entangled with it…well, here’s mine at the height of my “crush feel”.


The True Meaning

To be unloved by you; I feel unloved by the world.

Seeing you with that woman; is seeing an angel speak to death.

Just a glimpse of you; is a view from top of the mountain.

A joke from you; are tickles in my heart.

A simple pat from you; is an encouragement for me.

When you speak; it’s the sound of the harp being played by an angel inside my head.

When you dance; it’s the frolic of pixies.

When you sing; it’s from the sweet air of the cold breeze.

When you long for her; I feel crushed by both ends of the earth.

Hold me; and I feel fairies caress my mortal flesh.

Your happiness; is the success I feel though I never had.

Your sadness; is the eruption of endless worries in me.

Your gestures; are movements that make pure joy.

Your laughs; are sound of droplets from heaven.

Your hands; when I hold them, it must be the feeling of touching the clouds.

Your eyes; are doors to a world I’ve never been.

And everything you do; are moments forever stored in my mind and in my heart.


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