Dear Diary #5

August 16, 2012

Dear Diary,

The past three days from Monday to Wednesday I’ve been busy (yet again) because I had quizzes.

It was Tuesday when something unexpectedly funny yet a little bit concerning happened. After 2 hours of answering (if I barely did) my Cost Accounting quiz, I’m pretty sure I flunked it. After I passed my paper, I went directly to the comfort room. I went to the last cubicle. I couldn’t help but cry. And it went on and on. I was thinking about a lot of things, what if I fail?, what will my mother do?, etc. , until I was already crying like a whale. I could hear the women entering and leaving the comfort room when…three girls (I’m not sure if they were more or less) suddenly slammed the door, they were noisy too and somehow weird-ed out or scared. I thought about it and maybe they looked at themselves, a la ‘I’m in a horror movie look’ and raced to the door. Haha! After all, I was crying at the last cubicle, maybe they didn’t think about checking and just scared themselves.

When I told what happened to my friend and roommate we both laughed. 😀

I think my next pen name in our student publication’s literary folio should be ‘moaning myrtle’.


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