A Love Letter

To my deepest and most loved desire,


I want you to know, that if I won’t have you today, then I will have you tomorrow. And if that can’t be, I’ll forever be in sorrow.

For your arms are my palace, I will never find any other place, that will give me much happiness from your embrace.

Everything I utter, I ask you to consider.

I will give a love so divine, if you could just be mine.

I will shower you with warmth that you will feel shelter, take care of you if you ever have a fever, throw away my temper, I respect you elders, won’t you choose me instead of her?

I am your lover, won’t yes be your answer?

I give you everything that’s true, so darling act now and stop making me blue. Tell me if I will wait for you, because I would absolutely do.

Nothing else could make me happy, than the thought of you and me.

Make my dreams come true, I want it to be reality when I hug you.

Can’t you see what you’ve done to me? I can’t get you off my mind, I can’t let it be.

If you say no, then I feel like I have lost to my biggest foe.

Don’t make me lose it all, and make my love take its biggest fall.


With fervent ardor, I end this letter,

Your admirer.


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