Thank You.

Of all the things that happened, there are things I surely regret but I realized that there are actually a lot of things I’m thankful for…


Thank you for the sparks I feel inside,

Those were the feelings I never wanted to subside.


Thank you for showing me the smiles of your face,

they are images I can’t simply erase.


Thank you even for just your mere presence,

I remember every sign of my innocence.


Thank you for the words you say,

I hear your voice and it makes my day.


Thank you for being my love,

That I praise God from above.


Thank you for your time,

even though it’s clear you’re not mine.


Thank you for loving me,

Even though it’s just friendly.


Thank you for igniting my tears,

I will remember this for years.


Thank you for making me smile,

the world stops and I’m happy for a while.


Thank you for being a man,

realizing I’m your biggest fan.


Thank you for being a beautiful sight,

you always showcase your might.


Thank you for staying in my head,

I can’t think of any other happy thought instead.


Thank you for the chocolate,

its more delicious than others I ate.


Thank you for just being you,

Because I love you and that’s the reason I do.


And thank you for coming into my life,

Or else, I’ll just be in strife.



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