Dear Diary #8

September 28, 2012
Dear Diary,

Okay, so this won’t be long..I wanted to post this last Wednesday but Google Chrome kept crashing and until it won’t open anymore. So I uninstalled it and I went back to Mozilla Firefox, anyway, in one of our subjects we were assigned to do a group activity and it was about the blogging. There was this blogger who posted the negative things happening in her workplace until such time there were about 3000 readers of her blog and eventually, i was traced back to her. Long story short, she was fired and she wanted compensation for damages.
All I want to say is that, any blemish of negative to derogatory things that I may have wrote here in my blog is not my true intention. Just to set things clear, I do not want to bash my school, or any institution I am involved in.

I do not want to hurt anyone or anything in what I write here in my blog, what I write are purely my opinions but again, I do not intend to harm anyone.

So far, in all my ‘Dear Diary’ posts, I haven’t wrote anything of such great controversy. I have stated at the beginning that of course I wouldn’t share everything, especially if it’s not worth sharing to the public.

Since my previous post was very personal, I’ll cut down what I write starting from now. Maybe I’ll just post those comedic times like my Moaning Myrtle moments, or my self reflections on my dwindling attitude towards my course.

Well, I don’t have 3000 readers anyway. Haha. 😀


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