For The Debutante

While I was doing some rummaging I found the program for the 18th birthday of my friend last March of this year. Me and my other friend we’re the emcees and she needed some introduction so I made her a poem. It’s for all those who celebrate their debut/18th birthday. Just 3 stanzas. 🙂

So here it is:

The sunset says goodbye, it is an ending.

But the sun rises again with its new beginning.

The time has come for a cocoon to sprout,

And let the butterfly gently come out.


For a duckling becomes a beautiful swan,

With its glow outshining the colors of tan.

Calmly moving, as it goes,

To a new path where the river flows.


For the last seventeen years,

She has lived with both happiness and tears,

But on this day she is now a lady,

And she faces the world with new-found bravery.


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