Empty Existence

This will be my first daily blabber post. For the love of this blog, I’ll be posting some random thoughts of just about anything that would pass my mind. My goal is to post everyday, some or a lot will be in queue. I hope I could keep this up unlike my “quote-essay” which only has one post. Oopsie.

So, I wonder if there is such a thing as an empty existence. I do believe in what Oscar Wilde has said that others just exist rather than “live”. What baffles me is that we live in this world of random things but it is our choice if random things just remain random or familiar to us. That we affect each other somehow. Like you saw that random lady with a nice bag, that guy with a weird haircut, that noisy child in the park…and they evoke some thoughts in you, thoughts are powerful, they can make you, they say something about you. If you agree that the random lady did have a nice bag, you reacted, and you’ll have a thought, that may become an idea, you like that bag and you’re going to find which store sells it, you are going to spend your precious time on an idea you got from a random lady.

My point is, if we evoke ideas in a mere menial way, then isn’t that proof we exist for some kind of reason? Or maybe some people live “empty” but we see something from them which influences us, though they don’t see themselves.


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