Indulge In Sweetness

Indulge In Sweetness

Indulge In Sweetness by berryjudi featuring flower jewelry


I Carry You In My Heart

I Carry You In My Heart

I Carry You In My Heart by berryjudi featuring chanel

Retro vintage dress
$43 –


$585 –

Valentino white pearl earrings
$585 –

Forever New vintage style necklace
$41 –

Jon richard
$73 –

Vintage perfume
$20 –

Feel The Flowers

Feel The Flowers

Feel The Flowers by berryjudi featuring travel bags

My Ferrero Rocher Valentine Bouquet

My Ferrero Bouquet

My Ferrero Bouquet

Must Love Lace

Must Love Lace

Must Love Lace by berryjudi featuring a curling mascara

Nicole Miller low cut dress
$575 –

A Wear navy blue shirt
$39 –

Jane Norman tribal top
$28 –

Metallic heels

Lulu Guinness patent handbag
$660 –

Dot jewelry
$7.74 –

Chanel curling mascara
$32 –

Burberry fragrance

Lavera beauty product
$21 –

A Poem on Valentine’s Day

Though you’re not mine,

A love is always divine…

For a poet, love is sunshine,

Even if I have no valentine.


Though I hate this day,

With sincerity, I must say,

May you be happy & gay,

This Valentine’s day!


This is a poem I made on Valentine’s day exactly last year. I had no date and of course my crush is flocking off to another woman. But this year I was happy, I had a beautiful Ferrero Rocher bouquet. It’s the best, with white flowers and sky blue wrappings, and a big blue ribbon. If time comes and I get married, I’m thinking about having a Ferrero Rocher bouquet again. 😀

Will post a picture! 😀

Upper Chic

Upper Chic

Upper Chic by berryjudi featuring teardrop earrings

Nina ricci

Nina ricci
$85 –

All That’s Swwet

All That's Swwet

All That’s Swwet by berryjudi featuring pins jewelry

Green dress

Red sweater

Flared coat

Sweet Romance pins jewelry

$7.90 –

$7.90 –

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