Dear Superman

My all time favorite superhero will always be Batman, but I did this poem of Superman out of the blue. 🙂



Dear Superman,

I am but a fan.

The sight of your flowing red sheet,

Undoubtedly sweeps me off my feet.

High up in the air,

I wish to touch that curly hair,

And up away you fly,

A kiss I give with goodbye.


It’s Strawberry Baby

It's Strawberry Baby

It’s Strawberry Baby by berryjudi featuring bcbgmaxazria

Don’t Wake Me Up

Don't Wake Me Up

Don’t Wake Me Up by berryjudi featuring diamond jewelry

The Two Of Us

The Two Of Us

The Two Of Us by berryjudi featuring oscar de la renta jewelry

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A Special Day

A Special Day

A Special Day by berryjudi featuring bridal fascinators

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning by berryjudi featuring a spandex skirt

<3 Music

&lt;3 Music

&lt;3 Music by berryjudi featuring skullcandy

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