[Poems From My Kingdom] I Am Queen

Where stained glass-like butterflies dance,

Where iron-clad knights shine in valor,

Where the meadow is greeted by a deer’s glance,

Where love is insignia in every armor,

I am queen.

Where the river tickles your feet,

Where the ocean has no end,

Where the sun and moon meet,

Where you can find a friend,

I am queen.

Where the fountain always flows,

Where the mind plants creativity,

Where bravery in a soul grows,

Where you see beauty in all its glory,

I am queen.

Where affection is pure,

Respect is my king,

And emotions are secure,

That passion dwells in a human being,

I am queen.


Love Me Too?

I profess the affection I can’t hide anymore,

Love which you give bittersweet flavor.

Over the time which caused pain in my splendor.

Victory to me is such a huge favor.


Eager enough for your elusive reply,

Kind you are, but left me a sigh,

I realize I get nothing and just cry,

Rift away and off we fly.


Beautiful, like a always say.

You’re the reason I want to stay.

So I won’t leave when time comes may.

Oh please be my love, even just a day.


Make me forget you,

Useless, for I can’t do,

Cause this rips my heart in two,

Hey, why can’t you love me too?

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