A Poem on Valentine’s Day

Though you’re not mine,

A love is always divine…

For a poet, love is sunshine,

Even if I have no valentine.


Though I hate this day,

With sincerity, I must say,

May you be happy & gay,

This Valentine’s day!


This is a poem I made on Valentine’s day exactly last year. I had no date and of course my crush is flocking off to another woman. But this year I was happy, I had a beautiful Ferrero Rocher bouquet. It’s the best, with white flowers and sky blue wrappings, and a big blue ribbon. If time comes and I get married, I’m thinking about having a Ferrero Rocher bouquet again. 😀

Will post a picture! 😀


Beat of My Heart

One, two

My heart beats too

Three, Four

Why do you ignore?

Five, Six

The clock ticks

Seven, Eight

I’ll ask you straight

Nine, Ten

If you’ll love me, then when?

Thank You.

Of all the things that happened, there are things I surely regret but I realized that there are actually a lot of things I’m thankful for…


Thank you for the sparks I feel inside,

Those were the feelings I never wanted to subside.


Thank you for showing me the smiles of your face,

they are images I can’t simply erase.


Thank you even for just your mere presence,

I remember every sign of my innocence.


Thank you for the words you say,

I hear your voice and it makes my day.


Thank you for being my love,

That I praise God from above.


Thank you for your time,

even though it’s clear you’re not mine.


Thank you for loving me,

Even though it’s just friendly.


Thank you for igniting my tears,

I will remember this for years.


Thank you for making me smile,

the world stops and I’m happy for a while.


Thank you for being a man,

realizing I’m your biggest fan.


Thank you for being a beautiful sight,

you always showcase your might.


Thank you for staying in my head,

I can’t think of any other happy thought instead.


Thank you for the chocolate,

its more delicious than others I ate.


Thank you for just being you,

Because I love you and that’s the reason I do.


And thank you for coming into my life,

Or else, I’ll just be in strife.


Paunawa Ko Sa Iyo…

Kung ‘di man maging tayo,

Baka ako’y mapunta sa isang tibo

Kaya sana pag-isipan mo,

And desisyong ng iyong puso.


Ang pag-ibig ko’y ipagpapatuloy,

Di ka man tanggapin ng aking iloy.

Damdamin ko’y laging dumadaloy,

Sa lilim ng balat mo naamoy.


Sa maamong bulaklak,

Naaalala ang iyong halimuyak.

At ako’y nagagalak,

Sa bawat dinig ng iyong halakhak.


Matanto mo sana,

aking munting paunawa,

Dahil sa bawat pagdating ng umaga,

Sinanasabi kong mahal na yata kita.


Don’t take the second line too seriously, I’m straight. 🙂

A Late Post

I have been stale lately, mainly because of much school work to do and my own body’s drama. It saddens me that I can’t have time for my blog, I love it already and of course, you give time to those you love. Nevertheless, I am still persevering to balance things out and make it healthy for me.

Anyway, this poem I’m going to share is one of my old poems. I can’t do a long post now, so this just a short one.


Sea Shells


Why were you born as such?

I blush too much…

And right away I fell,

Into the scent of your smell.


You are such a sweet vice,

You’re nothing but pleasure in my eyes.

More precious than sea shells,

Is your value more than anyone else.

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Without a doubt I would admit that my college crush left an impression on me. I’m on my third year now, and I still see him, I still talk to him, but somehow I don’t know what I feel, its different every time I see him. Sometimes I just want to hide from him but sometimes I show my presence. My feelings may not be sure but it was the little things that made lasting impressions.

His favorite song, as far as I know, is “Walking In The Rain” by A1. I like A1 but I was introduced to the song because of him. I loved the song since then, not my favorite but I love it. It was with this that I started   thinking about rain. What’s about it anyway? As time passed, I can relate much to the song, hence my fondness of it. It was also at this time that I felt mad to him because of some things that happened around us, and maybe between us, but it was always one sided and up to now even though these things already happened several months ago, everything is still unclear.  Because of my fixation with my crush, I made this poem:

Walk In The Rain

By this time I don’t know how,

To bring out all the pain inside.

All my feelings for you just bow,

For now you are not in my side.


Lonely am I, I receive none of your love.

Of this and everything, I just ask why.

I have no peace, dead is the dove.

This heart I give to you, let it just fly.


You don’t know how much is the pain I feel,

I want to sing but I have no voice.

You’re moving on so what’s the big deal.

You love her and you bring me no choice.


By myself I walk in the rain,

Thinking of you and also trying to forget.

I hope the rain washes my pain,

But loving you I don’t regret.


When I was a child, “Rain Rain Go Away” was sang, as if the rain brings something we never wanted. When I was in elementary school until I was high school rain was such a blessing, it meant that school would be suspended for days. I miss those days actually, staying inside the house and drinking hot chocolate, those days when life was much simpler in my eyes. But life didn’t stop there, when it rained, we teenage girls do the “sun dance”. Rain was also the blessing of St. Benedict, for I was in an exclusive all-girls Catholic school.  Now that I’m a college student the days when a little rain hinted no classes we’re far from me and rain is a sign of such a bad day. But at times I’m delusional, and still wish I had someone who will run and get soaked with me in the rain.

If things would never be the same for us, then all I want to say is thank you, he’s an inspiration, no matter how much of a monster I think he is. Even my friends don’t like him for me anymore, I never really expected anything from him anyway, maybe what I felt for him is close to love but not love itself, and I’m glad I stopped there. I still think of him though, as evident of this poem I just recently made:


Why does the rain fall down?

Is it to make us frown?

Does it give us a shower?

Or moments we’ll always remember?


Is it the clouds crying?

Or a silent blessing?

When does it really stop?

Would we feel the last raindrop?


I wish for a kiss in the rain,

Is it too much or too vain?

We’ll run and you’ll hear my heart beating,

While the heavy rain is pouring.


We’ll stop for a while,

And then I’ll see your smile.

I wish its not a dream in my brain,

That together we walk in the rain.

Eyes of Passion

You will still choose her,

It doesn’t matter, everything I’d do for you,

But ask me and I’ll answer,

I keep loving you that’s what I do.


My eyes are filled with desire,

With your eyes filled with passion.

But clearly I am not the one you admire.

Lucky is the girl who receives your adoration.


Nothing I can do, that you love her more,

But with your presence I suddenly fall.

I’m just a girl knocking at your door,

Someone’s already there and I receive no answer at all.


But here I am still waiting, still hoping.

That one day it will be,

No more wishful thinking,

For you would finally see me.

A Silent Wish

I think of you everytime,

Wishing that you were mine.

But I know it can’t be,

Maybe you’re just not my destiny.


All I can do is glance,

To fight for you I have no chance.

Then I see your smile,

And I feel happiness for a while.


A few moments with you is bliss,

And those moments are what I miss.

But deep inside, someone else is in your mind,

Why would love be so unkind?


You don’t understand what I mean,

Because for you, she is your queen.

Compared to me she is above,

How I’d wish it would just be me, my love.



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