Dear Superman

My all time favorite superhero will always be Batman, but I did this poem of Superman out of the blue. 🙂



Dear Superman,

I am but a fan.

The sight of your flowing red sheet,

Undoubtedly sweeps me off my feet.

High up in the air,

I wish to touch that curly hair,

And up away you fly,

A kiss I give with goodbye.


Blue Love

I just hate how you give me that feeling,

Longing you but wanting you to go far.

Beside you I am bleeding,

When you go you leave me a scar.


Let’s just stop for a while,

Your my weakness but not my strength.

At times you make me smile,

But that smile can’t suffice an arm’s length.


I wish I can’t see you anymore,

I’m better without you.

You destroy my core,

And everything you do is untrue.


I can’t say goodbye…

I can’t leave too…

Maybe I’m just shy,

To the love that makes me blue.

Goodbye and Always

Your warm embrace, Your chilling face,

 I lose it all, then I just fall.

I give and love, I free the dove.

You’re gone away, my love’s astray.


Your mystery, can’t hide from me.

When I’m around, to you I’m bound.

My heart can see, set the truth free,

For all this time, I know you’re mine.


But I give you, to someone new.

She is the one, that’s what you’ve done.

But I won’t cry, let my heart die,

What I believe, my love won’t leave.


Goodbye to you, and what you do.

Sweet November, I’ll remember.

Light of my day, your mem’ries stay.

Will always be, always in me.

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