Sadness, Missing You

Sadness, Missing You

Sadness, Missing You by berryjudi featuring blue nile jewelry


Lies and Tears

I have loved and I was robbed.

I love you…But I couldn’t say it to you.

Now I’m sad and I wish time could have stopped.

I never had the chance to say what was true.


It was the lies. The lies that glued us.

Slowly, painfully, it was breaking my heart.

And I thought all I had was lust.

No, not just my heart, but myself was tearing apart. 

Believe in Magic

Believe in Magic

Believe in Magic by berryjudi featuring heart sunglasses

Floral print dress
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Vogue Rooney

Vogue Rooney

Vogue Rooney by berryjudi featuring a sterling silver diamond ring

Alexander McQueen halter top dress
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I Carry You In My Heart

I Carry You In My Heart

I Carry You In My Heart by berryjudi featuring chanel

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All That’s Swwet

All That's Swwet

All That’s Swwet by berryjudi featuring pins jewelry

Green dress

Red sweater

Flared coat

Sweet Romance pins jewelry

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$7.90 –



Chocolat by berryjudi featuring heart earrings


Distant when I see,

You’re an elusive glory,

Heart pounding when you come closer,

I hope it does not falter.


I see you for a moment,

Then the world becomes silent.

For I see you again,

From way back when.


Lo and behold,

Your hands we’re cold.

I touched them with uncertainty,

But held them lovingly.


It’s refreshing to see your face,

And receive an embrace.

But its not what I want,

For you are…distant.

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