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A Visit From Loki

So I made this 2 nights ago, I’ve been wanting to post this since yesterday but the wi-fi connection here at my dorm is being cranky. So I was doing this poem and it turned out to be the naughtiest poem I have crafted and I guess this is fan fiction. Its Loki (movie-verse, Hiddles of course)  anyway so you’re bound to get naughty. 😛
So here it is:

I want to kiss you right now,

I can’t stop, tell me how.

To your lips I fell,

Is it love that I smell?


Out came Loki,

And it gave a pleasure in me,

Excitement between my hips,

Come from the touch of those lips.


Out came a roar,

And he heard me once more,

In front of me are horns of gold,

And I don’t feel any sense of cold.


He held me and I couldn’t resist,

To fight temptation is not in my fist,

To what spell is this I’m under?

That had me shouting over and over,

To what he was doing,

This my King! This is my King!

[Poems From My Kingdom] A Soldier’s Chant

Hear Ye, hear ye,

All this for victory.

We march with glory,

And come back with our story.


Hear ye, Hear ye,

The king will see.

A land of no misery,

A land of our duty.


Hear ye, Hear ye,

All of us are mighty,

As strong as can be,

As death can already see.


Hear ye, hear ye,

To our enemy,

We shout thee:

Soldiers are we!

[Poems From My Kingdom] A Servant’s Speech

You think I’m blind,

But you are all my sight.

Such a witness was my mind,

I loved you with all my might.


Though I’m not beside your throne,

I was the one often asked,

I want you alone,

But useless time has passed.


I choose to be a servant,

If that’s the price to be on your side,

I’ll take it with gallant,

For to you I abide.


You think I’m a fool,

With all I am doing,

But I gave you a plentiful,

My king, all my loving.


[Poems From My Kingdom] The Traveler

A journey, my king,

Is what you asked for.

My soul returning,

Seeks reward from your door.


Miles of travel now lurk my past,

But what I brought is not what you seek.

With this I felt clearly aghast,

And suddenly made myself meek.


A quarrel between us ensued,

I questioned your authority,

And you response seemed crude,

For I discovered clarity.


For what the journey is worth lies after.

I leave you now my king,

Destined for another chapter,

With an innocent heart following.

[Poems From My Kingdom] To My King Of Dreams

I know that I’ve been inactive lately, and it’s because I’m busy (my usual reason) for finals. Last 12 days, yay! So to catch up, I’ll be posting a series of poems, my musings on the kingdom my pen wills me to write. It will be my first time to put a post on queue here on WordPress since I really want to type, publish, and see the lovely people who liked already. But since it’s hell week for me, I’ll just have to wait for a while. Anyway, it’s no big deal, as long as I post my poems, I’m already happy.

So to start, I present you the first of seven poems that are penned by my heart and stroked by my imagination. Here it goes. 🙂

To My King Of Dreams

To the heart of my king,

Let him speak to me only,

Let me be the one to sing,

A broken love’s melody.

I may feel sad for a while,

For a love which isn’t replied.

But I have run for a thousand miles,

Even though you just lied.

My elusive king,

Ruler of my dreams…

In my eyes, the hero of everything,

But in reality, it’s not what it seems.

Sleep well my king,

Thanks for making my dreams colorful.

Before I nap, I’ll be thinking,

I’ll meet you again, how wonderful.

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