Dear Superman

My all time favorite superhero will always be Batman, but I did this poem of Superman out of the blue. 🙂



Dear Superman,

I am but a fan.

The sight of your flowing red sheet,

Undoubtedly sweeps me off my feet.

High up in the air,

I wish to touch that curly hair,

And up away you fly,

A kiss I give with goodbye.


Once In My Dreams

The cold air kisses me,

When I remember,

A broken love’s memory.

Deep in my slumber,

Images I can’t see,

It lingers further,

To an unspoken reality.

The apparition of my desires,

Coming forth in every while,

I wake up in ire,

To my dreams, I beguile.

A Visit From Loki

So I made this 2 nights ago, I’ve been wanting to post this since yesterday but the wi-fi connection here at my dorm is being cranky. So I was doing this poem and it turned out to be the naughtiest poem I have crafted and I guess this is fan fiction. Its Loki (movie-verse, Hiddles of course)  anyway so you’re bound to get naughty. 😛
So here it is:

I want to kiss you right now,

I can’t stop, tell me how.

To your lips I fell,

Is it love that I smell?


Out came Loki,

And it gave a pleasure in me,

Excitement between my hips,

Come from the touch of those lips.


Out came a roar,

And he heard me once more,

In front of me are horns of gold,

And I don’t feel any sense of cold.


He held me and I couldn’t resist,

To fight temptation is not in my fist,

To what spell is this I’m under?

That had me shouting over and over,

To what he was doing,

This my King! This is my King!

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