Sadness, Missing You

Sadness, Missing You

Sadness, Missing You by berryjudi featuring blue nile jewelry


Random Sadness

Hello dismal skies,

My sadness greets again,

Its different way back then.

As my will is crushed,

And my spirit is bruised,

I’m ready, shower me with your cries.

The Sea

Since its new year, its the time to liven up and look forward to what’s coming upon us. I have been very vocal about how unhappy I was this 2012, but I hope 2013 would be much a better year for me. I have no ”new year resolution”, but I’ll still do my best, and starting from now, I’d throw any setback away from me. After all, I’m a dreamer and I can’t let anything hinder me.

With that, I share with you, probably the most evident poem of my depression. Someday there will come another chapter in my life that will bring sadness again, but until then, I bring the strength I have from these sad moments in my life.


The days greet me with sadness,

And I respond with my madness.

Flames just waiting to burst,

I place a fist to my heart first.


To agony, my eyes are closed,

But to myself, it’s clearly exposed.

I beget the sorrows of everyday,

And I try hard to forget as time goes away.


A tired soul in me,

I try to rise up for harmony.

And again, life pulls me down,

Imprinting to myself, more than a frown.


Though the weight of the world is in my shoulders,

I speak, no one listens, and it lingers.

I drowned myself for I can’t take no more,

Behold! I’m still alive, walking past the shore.


[Poems From My Kingdom] To My King Of Dreams

I know that I’ve been inactive lately, and it’s because I’m busy (my usual reason) for finals. Last 12 days, yay! So to catch up, I’ll be posting a series of poems, my musings on the kingdom my pen wills me to write. It will be my first time to put a post on queue here on WordPress since I really want to type, publish, and see the lovely people who liked already. But since it’s hell week for me, I’ll just have to wait for a while. Anyway, it’s no big deal, as long as I post my poems, I’m already happy.

So to start, I present you the first of seven poems that are penned by my heart and stroked by my imagination. Here it goes. 🙂

To My King Of Dreams

To the heart of my king,

Let him speak to me only,

Let me be the one to sing,

A broken love’s melody.

I may feel sad for a while,

For a love which isn’t replied.

But I have run for a thousand miles,

Even though you just lied.

My elusive king,

Ruler of my dreams…

In my eyes, the hero of everything,

But in reality, it’s not what it seems.

Sleep well my king,

Thanks for making my dreams colorful.

Before I nap, I’ll be thinking,

I’ll meet you again, how wonderful.

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