Kiss Me In The Rain

Kiss Me In The Rain

Kiss Me In The Rain by berryjudi featuring ballerina shoes


Come Forth Spring

Come Forth Spring

Come Forth Spring by berryjudi featuring kotur

Chiffon dress

Keyhole dress

River Island sleeveless dress
$38 –

Wildfox couture
$100 –

Cotton pants

Christian louboutin heels



Envelope clutch

River island
$27 –

2013: Happy New Year

2013: Happy New Year

2013: Happy New Year by berryjudi featuring a couture nail polish

Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love

A Poem

Its top of the morning

and start of spring,

I’m with this feeling,

Of missing you darling.

Once, you gave me a flover,

But now its already summer.

I’m you’re lover,

There is no other.

The echo of your voice in the hall,

is not like the leaves of fall.

What I hear is your call

Telling me you’ll give me all.

The sadness of winter,

It hurts like a splinter.

The warmth of your sweater,

It makes me feel like a winner.


This poem will be the first poem I posted that has 4 stanzas, each represent a season of the year, it also represents how I want to have romance all year long (kidding). 🙂 

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