Movie Maidens: Summer

Movie Maidens: Summer

Movie Maidens: Summer by berryjudi featuring a blue dress

Short dress

H M blue dress
$22 –

Minimum red shirt
$34 –

H&M ballet shoes
$11 –


Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Summer Fun by berryjudi featuring havaianas sandals

Ice Scramble!


Creamy, milky goodness…leaves you asking, is this the food of the goddess?

Ice cold to perfection with the purpose of dismissing the warm heat, an inevitable summer treat.

Yummy milk powder makes you ask for another.

Chocolate syrup tempts my taste buds to slurp.

In seconds I was left with an empty cup, sweet treat you lighten me up!

I offer thy sweet treat, a poem that only speaks truth, I speak of its perfection in my most enjoying consumption.

This dessert is basically crushed ice with evaporated milk, sugar, and flavoring. It is then sprinkled with milk powder and chocolate syrup. Most Filipinos are familiar with this treat because of the vendors that peddle in the streets. Recently, it gained more spotlight because of creative minds selling this treat with an array of toppings like M&Ms in little stalls in malls and other places (presumably where people would want a little snack). What’s fascinating about this treat is that, its part of the culture of us Filipinos, our appetite for cold desserts stems from the fact that we live in a warm climate. And to add that, I have been longing for the vendor of this treat to come by our village, he comes everyday but for some reason he hasn’t come for days. The more days he didn’t come and the more I craved.

But at last! We meet again, and my appetite has been filled (for a while, he he). My taste buds livened and my spirit was with joy ever devouring this treat, after parting for such a long time, scoop by scoop. Until we meet again, my sweet friend.

Here’s the recipe if you want to try it:

Have fun! 🙂

Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love

A Poem

Its top of the morning

and start of spring,

I’m with this feeling,

Of missing you darling.

Once, you gave me a flover,

But now its already summer.

I’m you’re lover,

There is no other.

The echo of your voice in the hall,

is not like the leaves of fall.

What I hear is your call

Telling me you’ll give me all.

The sadness of winter,

It hurts like a splinter.

The warmth of your sweater,

It makes me feel like a winner.


This poem will be the first poem I posted that has 4 stanzas, each represent a season of the year, it also represents how I want to have romance all year long (kidding). 🙂 

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