Dear Diary #12 – To My 100 Followers :)

April 24, 2013


Dear Diary,

It’s the same thing again, with my usual “I don’t post lately because I’m busy” mood. I was really, really, really busy. With my life and everything that has been going on, it hurt me that I could only post once a week, with only a Polyvore set. I have experienced one of the biggest whirlwinds in my life so far, and up to now, it still has its effect on me. Another thing that hurts me is that I have to wait and it almost felt like an eternity, but days, no matter bad or good, pass by so quickly. It’s a bittersweet thing because I still want to enjoy me life as a teenager and months from now, I’m going to be twenty already. I want to enjoy every single day but at the back of my mind are thoughts that I want it to be next year already, because I just want to graduate.

It took a long time before I realized this and I’m surprised I haven’t thought of it earlier, it has come to a point that college life already felt like prison. Prison, it’s the perfect word to describe what I feel and experience in my current college life. Because I have no freedom, only waiting for the time I’ll be set free. I could complain, cry, and mope all I want but I’m stuck here. Prison.

I’ll just take it that it must be a challenge for me, to be happy in spite of what I am experiencing.

But what keeps me holding on are my dreams, my family & friends,  and the beauty of the future, and I am thankful for that…Love, Bee. 🙂


To all followers, thank you for appreciating my works!


Blue Love

I just hate how you give me that feeling,

Longing you but wanting you to go far.

Beside you I am bleeding,

When you go you leave me a scar.


Let’s just stop for a while,

Your my weakness but not my strength.

At times you make me smile,

But that smile can’t suffice an arm’s length.


I wish I can’t see you anymore,

I’m better without you.

You destroy my core,

And everything you do is untrue.


I can’t say goodbye…

I can’t leave too…

Maybe I’m just shy,

To the love that makes me blue.

Dear Diary #8

September 28, 2012
Dear Diary,

Okay, so this won’t be long..I wanted to post this last Wednesday but Google Chrome kept crashing and until it won’t open anymore. So I uninstalled it and I went back to Mozilla Firefox, anyway, in one of our subjects we were assigned to do a group activity and it was about the blogging. There was this blogger who posted the negative things happening in her workplace until such time there were about 3000 readers of her blog and eventually, i was traced back to her. Long story short, she was fired and she wanted compensation for damages.
All I want to say is that, any blemish of negative to derogatory things that I may have wrote here in my blog is not my true intention. Just to set things clear, I do not want to bash my school, or any institution I am involved in.

I do not want to hurt anyone or anything in what I write here in my blog, what I write are purely my opinions but again, I do not intend to harm anyone.

So far, in all my ‘Dear Diary’ posts, I haven’t wrote anything of such great controversy. I have stated at the beginning that of course I wouldn’t share everything, especially if it’s not worth sharing to the public.

Since my previous post was very personal, I’ll cut down what I write starting from now. Maybe I’ll just post those comedic times like my Moaning Myrtle moments, or my self reflections on my dwindling attitude towards my course.

Well, I don’t have 3000 readers anyway. Haha. 😀

Triple Berry!

Last night I posted “Double Berry!” in which I shared two poems, but now I take the notch up a bit by sharing three poems. Though I don’t recall making them back-to-back, what I do recall is submitting these pieces for the Literary Folio of our College Student Publication. Up until now I don’t know if these poems are part of the Literary Folio, but I hope to see it soon. I’m more excited to see it than my news article since I’m more of a feature writer. But when I see it (my article and the Literary Folio) I’m pretty sure my expression will be like that of a mother seeing her child after giving birth for the first time. Of course these are my babies! Hehe =) Now, on with the show!

You, The Truth & The Irony

As days go by, in my mind, your memories always fly.

Time goes so quickly, but its when I reminisce that I’m happy.

I know you can see, the one who admires you so much is me,

Then I just shout wee! And feel the irony, that we can never be.

Its the truth that hurts, but I just can’t go into bursts.

I wonder how she flirts, she and you did some firsts.

If I’ll be in her shoe, will you love me too?

I wonder how we’ll do, if it was me and you…

The poem speaks for itself, at the time I made this I was feeling quite insecure, my crush is dating someone else, someone I know. And sometimes I just ask why, sometimes I want to be happy for them, but I know this girl and I know what kind of girl she is. Anyway, the next are quite girly and far from the feel of this poem. But what I like about this poem is that I had fun doing it, and I guess that’s more important that minding two people that I shouldn’t mind with in the first place. A quote I really like and would want to live by is this: “Life is like a bicycle. In order to remain balanced, you have to keep moving forward”. Sometimes you want to escape the drama but to escape is not the solution, move forward, nd by moving forward I want to see the lighter things in life.

The Hopeless and The Loser

You’re such a loser and I’m so hopeless,

Your innate kindness leaves me careless.

I’m the one who watches your back,

Loving you is nothing I lack.

Everyday when I go to school,

I think of you and I’m such a fool.

God tell me I’m crazy,

I’m infested with the love bug frenzy.

My only question for this poem is that, Is it cheesy? I think the title could pass as a movie title though.

The More I Hate

I hate you,

So get off my head.

I don’t like the things you do.

So why does my face turn red.

The more I hate,

Then the more you laugh.

The more I think you’re great,

And once more you laugh.

Your laughs, what is behind those?

I admit, I’m curious.

For you make me blush like a rose,

That something in you is mysterious.

If you ever read this,

Don’t think that its you.

I’m a shy little miss,

And I’ve just fallen for you.

Whatever I do, I just love the last stanza of this poem. Ha! I used a pen name so none of my classmates would know. 🙂

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