A Secret Place

A Secret Place

A Secret Place by berryjudi featuring a zipper purse


It Was One Fine Day

It Was One Fine Day

It Was One Fine Day by berryjudi featuring spike heel pumps



Beach by berryjudi featuring long dresses

Dear Diary #13

July 3, 2013


Dear Diary,

So it’s been a while but I really couldn’t miss telling you what happened today. It was about 10 AM when I decided to go to a mall near my dormitory (just a few minutes of travel and you’re already there). This guy, maybe in his late 20s or 30s sat beside me in the jeep. Along the way his hands moved by his side and since we were beside each other (uggh) I felt as if he was going to touch my bag. So I thought quickly, he can’t snatch my bag so I sort of hugged it in my other side. When I asked the driver to stop the jeep because I’m going to go out, he went out also. I was surprised he was going to go in the same mall. So I went to this store to buy a flash drive. At first I was just looking at some sticky notes on display but in that store you have to get a number, I was #30. The same guy was looking around the store too and we even bumped into each other. I went to the counter where the flash drives were and just waited, while still looking at some other items. The guy went out. The customer number being entertained was still #24. When I was paying already, the guy came back and was looking around again. That was really suspicious, was he really just looking around. Why did he come back and why didn’t he get a number? So I thought of ditching this guy once and for all. After I was finished, I went out the store and good thing his back was turned. I ran to the escalator, stepping down I glanced back at the store and saw him coming out. When I reached the 1st floor (the store was in the 2nd floor) I ran like crazy, out to the exit, crossed the street and went to another mall ( I think that took me less than a minute). I went inside a bookstore (which is a good place to hide), even though I know I’m already safe. The moment he would go down the 1st floor and start looking for me, I’m already in another building. Haha! It really pays to be vigilant. And way to show that stranger I couldn’t be messed with. 😀

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