Dear Diary #13

July 3, 2013


Dear Diary,

So it’s been a while but I really couldn’t miss telling you what happened today. It was about 10 AM when I decided to go to a mall near my dormitory (just a few minutes of travel and you’re already there). This guy, maybe in his late 20s or 30s sat beside me in the jeep. Along the way his hands moved by his side and since we were beside each other (uggh) I felt as if he was going to touch my bag. So I thought quickly, he can’t snatch my bag so I sort of hugged it in my other side. When I asked the driver to stop the jeep because I’m going to go out, he went out also. I was surprised he was going to go in the same mall. So I went to this store to buy a flash drive. At first I was just looking at some sticky notes on display but in that store you have to get a number, I was #30. The same guy was looking around the store too and we even bumped into each other. I went to the counter where the flash drives were and just waited, while still looking at some other items. The guy went out. The customer number being entertained was still #24. When I was paying already, the guy came back and was looking around again. That was really suspicious, was he really just looking around. Why did he come back and why didn’t he get a number? So I thought of ditching this guy once and for all. After I was finished, I went out the store and good thing his back was turned. I ran to the escalator, stepping down I glanced back at the store and saw him coming out. When I reached the 1st floor (the store was in the 2nd floor) I ran like crazy, out to the exit, crossed the street and went to another mall ( I think that took me less than a minute). I went inside a bookstore (which is a good place to hide), even though I know I’m already safe. The moment he would go down the 1st floor and start looking for me, I’m already in another building. Haha! It really pays to be vigilant. And way to show that stranger I couldn’t be messed with. 😀


Dear Diary #10

December 20, 2012

Dear Diary,

This is my 101st post! I just want to say thank you, because this blog has been a witness of what I dealt with this year. Because of this blog, somehow I don’t feel alone. I have an outlet to express my feelings, an outlet that can see how much I’ve grown. This blog made me  more comfortable in ‘sharing’ because I don’t share that much, I’m too quiet but as Stephen Hawking said, “Quiet people have the loudest minds” and that’s true in my case. I may not speak, even to my own relatives and college buddies but there is a lot going in my mind. I may be an introvert but it’s like I have adapted a sense of ‘sharing’. And that is why I have learned to love blogging, it’s like an accessory to who I am.

To my followers and to all of those who liked my posts, a very warm and sincere thank you.  It doesn’t matter to me how many liked one post, just one person liking it already brings a smile to me. Its because I made an effect to you in somehow, in some little way. Thank you everyone. 🙂

I hope we’ll all be happy this season and happy new year in advance! Hugs and kisses. 🙂

Dear Diary #4

August 12, 2012

Dear Diary,

So it’s afternoon already and I’m still bombarded with a lot to do. Okay, I procrastinated with my free days. That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to handle my time, it’s just that I really can’t focus on what to do. For the record, I have to review on Calculus, Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting, and I have to read our ‘‘Law On Obligations and Contracts’’ book.

While reading I just can’t stay put, I’m worrying again and spurring either random thoughts or just plain blabber.

I live in a land of narrow-minded fools, where such a folly is famous and prevailing. Not my family but, well…my classmates and schoolmates and those around me.  Maybe that’s why I want to graduate already, I can’t conform with them, aside from the fact that I am not with my true friends. Of course I have friends at school but they are nothing like my high school friends. I have little things in common with them in contrast with my two beloved high school and lifetime friends. I wonder why it’s so hard to form a friendship with those unlike you.

And my classmates, all of them dream of the same thing, I don’t. I have different plans, different goals, a different path. Just because we spend the day in the same room doesn’t mean the same for when we graduate. But most of all, I don’t have to fit in. It’s fine with me. That day will come when I’m finally walking on the road I should be.

So I was thinking about those things when I enter my sister’s room, she was watching Galaxy Angel on DVD.  I joined in because heck, I love anime and I miss those days when I can freely watch it without any worries in mind. My weekends are really like a day-off from work. I’m at my home. And Sunday only hurts when thoughts of Monday come along.

While watching Galaxy Angel, I suddenly remembered that the 5 main characters are different personalities yet, they seem to show a bit of care or connection at least. I wonder if that can really work in real life. I am not saying that I don’t love my college friends, it’s just that I’m not fully with them. I may be physically present in our “bonding times” but mentally, I want to be elsewhere. I know I’m a good friend to them, I help them in ways I can. Somehow I can’t tell them that I’m not happy with college life anymore, I don’t want to tell them anyway. I can’t share a lot of things to them. In fact, they know little about me. And it’s a reason I have learned to love blogging because in some way I know I am capable of sharing things. Maybe I can’t share everything to them, I just think that what’s important is that I’m still a friend to them.

Okay, enough blabber now. Back to work.

Everyday Crush

Midnight and thinking of you before I sleep,

Sleep tight and you’re in my dreams.

Wake up and that dream is what I keep,

The day goes that’s just how it seems.


Lunch time and did you eat already?

My, do I think about you so much.

Just keep yourself healthy,

And smoking, stop doing such.


Afternoon and now I go to school,

I see the face that was on my mind.

He talks to me and I just act cool,

But inside, he’s the one I always find.


Dismissal and we’re separated,

Goodbyes are such sweet sorrow.

I go home and lay down in my bed,

Here we are again, I’ll think about you ’til tomorrow.

The poem speaks for itself, and yes, it was midnight and I was still thinking of him. Its funny and yet amazing how one person can revolve around your life. But it is you who decides what you want around you, whether they stay or go away.


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