Not The Only One

I planned on uploading pictures on my other Tumblr blogs last weekend too but it seems that Tumblr’s new features aren’t working. Today I searched some posts and to my relief, it isn’t just me who was having problems. I repeat, I was relieved that I wasn’t the only one.  Maybe that is how we really are. We want an assurance that it’s not only ourselves who experience some things but others too…in anything. When we’re down, we drag others down too. But when we’re happy, well, we’re happy, end of story. But when in difficult times, we want everyone to share the burden too.


Daily Blabber Plans

So I was hoping I would really keep up with  this Daily Blabber thing and I already haven’t because there was something wrong with our internet connection here at home. I planned on posting that day and as it seems, it didn’t happen. Reflection: 1, unexpected things always happen so 2, what we plan to do doesn’t always work out and so 3, either we get angry or just plainly accept it, it’s all in the past now.

Blog Changes

The theme I’m using can’t accommodate more than 7 pages in the head bar, or else it would get in the way with the search bar, so I removed the Quote – Essays page. I put that one essay in the bottom of  my Poems page. For now, til I think of something, it’ll have to wait because I know it doesn’t belong there, and I know how that feels. Maybe I’ll just put the speech I did there too so it won’t be lonely.

Bus rides

What is it with looking out the window of a bus and suddenly you’re on “reflecting mode”? I don’t ride the bus often, but the Jeepney (a public vehicle in the Philippines) has the same effect too, sometimes…even cars. Maybe its because you’re just looking outside, doing nothing but still, you’re moving. Life never stops moving and sometimes we just watch and when the ride is over, we’re back to normal in whatever we do whether fulfilling or not.

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