Say Good Morning

Say Good Morning

Say Good Morning by berryjudi featuring parisian home decor


Dear Superman

My all time favorite superhero will always be Batman, but I did this poem of Superman out of the blue. šŸ™‚



Dear Superman,

I am but a fan.

The sight of your flowing red sheet,

Undoubtedly sweeps me off my feet.

High up in the air,

I wish to touch that curly hair,

And up away you fly,

A kiss I give with goodbye.


Maybe it was love, but maybe it was not,

Maybe I did little, but maybe it was a lot.

May I was happy, but maybe I was sad,

Maybe I was surprised, but maybe I was mad.


Maybe I do feel, but maybe you don’t see,

Maybe I accept, but maybe you don’t like me.

Maybe I’ll be good for now, but maybe I’ll go,

Maybe I’ll be understood, but maybe you won’t know.


To My Mom

This is a short poem I made for my mom, an advance greeting for mother’s day.

She’s in Guam while I’m in the Philippines šŸ™‚


Happy mother’s day to my mother dear,
Even though you’re far away,
For me you are near,
Because in my heart you stay.
You gave the world another poet,
And I look forward to the day we sing a duet.
I’m more than a lover,
For I’ll always be your daughter.

Sing, Live

Sing, Live

Sing, Live by berryjudi featuring a platform bootie

Someday, Someone

You must be glad,

For me it was sad,

You will always be,

Very dear to me.


Right now, things must shift,

My love will remain,

So i must act swift,

This love is in vain.


But i say thank you,

Why, nevertheless,

Though you were untrue,

I gave love no less.


What I long to be,

Happy in one’s arms,

Someday we will see,

One who’ll catch my charms.

Lies and Tears

I have loved and I was robbed.

I love you…But I couldn’t say it to you.

Now I’m sad and I wish timeĀ could haveĀ stopped.

I never had the chance to say what was true.


It was the lies. The lies that glued us.

Slowly, painfully, it was breaking my heart.

And I thought all I had was lust.

No, not just my heart, but myself was tearing apart.Ā 

I Carry You In My Heart

I Carry You In My Heart

I Carry You In My Heart by berryjudi featuring chanel

Retro vintage dress
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