Okay, sorry for the pun title… Hehe. I’ve been busy for a while that’s why I haven’t posted anything lately, I don’t want to be forgotten! But rest assured, I’ll have a feisty comeback and by feisty I’m going to share this very flirty one-stanza poem with you:

I’ll kiss you ’til you’re lips get sore,

I’ll hug you ’til you say no more.

I’ll fondle you’re hand ’til the clock strikes four.

I’ll meet you in my dreams, in front of my door.

Usually the poems I write come as a surprise because they just pop in my head before I sleep. I want to sleep but then my brain would think a lot of things magically giving me another idea for a poem, the result would always end up with me having a delayed sleep. My brain must be thinking: “Launch poem ideas before bedtime”, “Mission Accomplished, Operation Delay Sleep is a success”. Anyway, I’m happy we live in this age of smart phones, I’d just type lying down, waiting for yawns to finally come.

Now enough of my pre-slumber experiences! 🙂 Here’ s another one-stanza poem describing my College crush:

Your skin is whiter than snow…

You blush more than the red roses I grow.

Your smile makes my day glow,

And your laugh makes my heart blow.


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