A Dream.

A Dream.

A Dream. by berryjudi featuring ballerina shoes

Tulle dress

Nicole Farhi summer shirt
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Sadness, Missing You

Sadness, Missing You

Sadness, Missing You by berryjudi featuring blue nile jewelry

Tea Party!

Tea Party!

Tea Party! by berryjudi featuring patent shoes

Sweetheart dress

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Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Can't Fight The Moonlight

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Dear Diary #12 – To My 100 Followers :)

April 24, 2013


Dear Diary,

It’s the same thing again, with my usual “I don’t post lately because I’m busy” mood. I was really, really, really busy. With my life and everything that has been going on, it hurt me that I could only post once a week, with only a Polyvore set. I have experienced one of the biggest whirlwinds in my life so far, and up to now, it still has its effect on me. Another thing that hurts me is that I have to wait and it almost felt like an eternity, but days, no matter bad or good, pass by so quickly. It’s a bittersweet thing because I still want to enjoy me life as a teenager and months from now, I’m going to be twenty already. I want to enjoy every single day but at the back of my mind are thoughts that I want it to be next year already, because I just want to graduate.

It took a long time before I realized this and I’m surprised I haven’t thought of it earlier, it has come to a point that college life already felt like prison. Prison, it’s the perfect word to describe what I feel and experience in my current college life. Because I have no freedom, only waiting for the time I’ll be set free. I could complain, cry, and mope all I want but I’m stuck here. Prison.

I’ll just take it that it must be a challenge for me, to be happy in spite of what I am experiencing.

But what keeps me holding on are my dreams, my family & friends,  and the beauty of the future, and I am thankful for that…Love, Bee. 🙂


To all followers, thank you for appreciating my works!

Sing, Live

Sing, Live

Sing, Live by berryjudi featuring a platform bootie

Light Of The Day

Light of the day,

Shine forth in array,

Light of the day,

Let me be as I may.


Light of the day,

Come burst in the sun,

Light of the day,

Our joy has now begun.


Light of the day,

Guide us your presence,

Light of the day,

May you be an eminence.


Light of the day,

Show all your glory,

Light of the day,

Shine upon me.

I Just Ride

I Just Ride

I Just Ride by berryjudi featuring platform pumps

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