My Ferrero Rocher Valentine Bouquet

My Ferrero Bouquet

My Ferrero Bouquet


A Poem on Valentine’s Day

Though you’re not mine,

A love is always divine…

For a poet, love is sunshine,

Even if I have no valentine.


Though I hate this day,

With sincerity, I must say,

May you be happy & gay,

This Valentine’s day!


This is a poem I made on Valentine’s day exactly last year. I had no date and of course my crush is flocking off to another woman. But this year I was happy, I had a beautiful Ferrero Rocher bouquet. It’s the best, with white flowers and sky blue wrappings, and a big blue ribbon. If time comes and I get married, I’m thinking about having a Ferrero Rocher bouquet again. 😀

Will post a picture! 😀

All That’s Swwet

All That's Swwet

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