Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love

A Poem

Its top of the morning

and start of spring,

I’m with this feeling,

Of missing you darling.

Once, you gave me a flover,

But now its already summer.

I’m you’re lover,

There is no other.

The echo of your voice in the hall,

is not like the leaves of fall.

What I hear is your call

Telling me you’ll give me all.

The sadness of winter,

It hurts like a splinter.

The warmth of your sweater,

It makes me feel like a winner.


This poem will be the first poem I posted that has 4 stanzas, each represent a season of the year, it also represents how I want to have romance all year long (kidding). 🙂 


Waves of the Sea

Waves of the Sea

A Poem

When I look at the waves of the sea,

I’ll wait for you endlessly.

And even though you can’t see me,

I’ll strike my hands to your heart into infinity…

I can’t deny you mighty presence,

it gives me some kind of sense…

I’ll follow you till the end of your sorrow,

Even though I won’t have any tomorrow.

When I was a freshman in college I would commute everyday to school, it was a one hour commute. I would listen to music or play games on my cellphone and sometimes i would just sleep. One night on my way home I made this poem thinking of my crush. Funny how the mood of the poem is of an unrequited love, the metaphor of the waves of the sea, and inevitable sadness in the last two lines, but the inspiration was nothing close to love. Maybe love for a friend, but not romantic love. And though my relationship with my crush only remained in a friendship level, whenever I read the poems I made because of him, somehow, it gives me happiness. That I made works of poetry & art from a little affection.

Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody

A Poem

I cry to let out all my heartaches,

This pain that agony makes…

Crying was never a solution,

So much with all the frustration.

Some things I could never understand,

Confusion is in my tired hand.

What else could life bring,

I hope one day, I could finally sing.

I made this poem after “The weary Fighter”. I loved the movie “Ghost” starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, the pot scene was a classic! I got LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with Unchained Melody, hence, the title of my short poem. Though it has nothing to do with Ghost, the idea of “unchained melody” seemed like a good inspiration for a poem.

My favorite lines are the two lines, it’s my message to the reader; we may be weak, but hope is a strong word.

The Weary Fighter

The Weary Fighter

A poem.

The days end so quickly,

But the night end so slowly,

Never have I thought that it would cut through me…

This borderline anxiety.

And yet, the candle still shines.

Hope strikes me through the lines.

Difficult and such a train-wreck life can be…

But nothing can surpass the innate spirit in me!

I made this poem at the ticking days of my senior year in high school. I was very afraid to go to college, and the funny thing about it was that I was acting like a person with androphobia (morbid fear of men). I was in an exclusive all girls academy for four year and in the first place, I chose to be there. I didn’t like having boy classmates since they were immature, noisy, and a big pain for the teacher. So my adolescence was boy-free, I graduated high school without a friend who’s a boy. The result – I don’t know how to talk to them, how to mingle with them, etc., weird as it may sound, I felt like they are of another species, the only exception was my father, grandpa and other male relatives.

This short poem came into existence when I experienced the feeling of being in between, that feeling when  you never want time to end. I didn’t want my senior year to end, it was a hard year for me but it had the best thing I will always remember, that even how big any obstacle is, I am never alone, I never was, that this is a proof that my friends are gifts, shields and companions in every step of the way, be it a bumpy road or full of turns.

The last line of the poem is a reminder of optimism for me, I shouldn’t bring myself down for there is a spirit in me that is always alive.

Oh My Berries!

Roughly last year I decided to blog here in WordPress, I planned to post novels I’d make but sadly, it just remained a plan. I feel that I must first mold myself before really starting a novel or even a chapter, rather. And that, even though I believe that it’s innate in me to be a poet, I thought that I should create more poems to post. But at times, great things aren’t rushed, that is why my blog wasn’t updated until now. Yes, it took me almost a year before I created my first post.

It’s amazing how a lot of things can happen in just a day and what more in a year. This blog will serve as my outlet for the things I want to share for the past year and for the years to come. It will be a witness to my experiences, my ideas, my endeavors, just about anything I would be glad to share, and of course my berry-flavored dreams!

I thank you readers in advance and I hope you have a berry great day! 😀

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