The Anticipation Never Dies

Nowadays, in my country, girls like Batman because of Daniel Padilla and Superman because of Kimpoy Feliciano, it’s not that I don’t like them, I do. But for me, I don’t just like these superheroes because their names are attached to these celebrities but because I really do like them. Okay, Superman I like a bit but Batman…I love.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but everyone can relate when it comes to being a fan. We attach a part of ourselves to it that’s why we get hurt when we get ridiculed with our fandom. Others go overboard with their quirky actions but others stay closeted in their social fears. I myself was discreet about these things. But then I realized, why hide it?  There’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a part of you. Whatever may lie ahead I’m not scared to say I watch anime, I’m a cinephile, whenever I’m in a bookstore you’d find me in the classics section, and I once contemplated on being a ballerina. I am not and will never be ashamed, for these things make up the totality of who I am. Like our professor once said, “don’t look at people only in some parts, see them as a whole”.

No matter how much perplexing it is to others, “true blue” fans know and understand the essence of what they idolize. Synonyms for “fan” include: aficionado, devotee, enthusiast, even addict and maniac, etc. Though similar, the words “fan” and “fanatic” have different meaning, but oftentimes we just assume that fan is short for fanatic because both words are used loosely. In my case, I’d like to think that the word fan stems more from ”fascination”. It draws us close to what we like, the fascination we see that others may not.


Putting things into perspective, I have been waiting for more than a year to finally see “The Dark Knight Rises” and every trailer is just amazing as the previous one. After each viewing I am left with excitement and thirst for more to come. As cheesy as it may sound, its like a dream coming true. Its about the whole experience you’ll get in the silver screen, the chills, the laughs and most importantly the ride you go along with throughout the movie. As the clock ticks and the time comes near, the excitement just grows gradually. You might think one may get tired or bored for waiting so long but no, the anticipation never dies.


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